Ginger Gold - August 12
Zestar - August 24
Gala - September 7

Honeycrisp - September 7
MacIntosh - September 13
Cortland - September 15

Early Fuji - September 18
Macoun - September 25
Red Delicious - September 27
Empire - October 4

Jonagold - October 10
Golden Delicious - October 11
Baldwin - October 17
Mutsu - October 18

Dates can vary from year to year, depending on weather and other conditions.  Please feel free to call us at (203) 272-7985 or send us an e-mail at:


Mid- July to Mid-September

August to mid-September
Yellow & White Nectarines
Bartlett & Bosc Pears
August and September

October/ after first frost
Asian Plums
Italian Prune Plums
September 7 

Miss Maeve taking a break from picking for a snack.

Miss Ainslie Haze is proud of her peach-picking talents.

Meet & Greet with Farmdog Macoun

Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own in Cheshire

We feature PYO apples, peaches, plums, pears and blueberries.  We invite you to enjoy our farm as much as we do. Take a scenic walk to the picking areas.  We also have a shady area with picnic tables for your enjoyment.

Due to a limited supply and the whims of Mother Nature, we encourage you to call ahead (203-272-7985 ) to check out what is available and ripe and ready.  
Pick Your Own Visitors must plan to finish and be back at the Farm Stand by  5:00 pm.

Thank you for your understanding that pets are not allowed.




(dates are approximate, please call ahead)